The Petersens | Dordt Prairie, Sioux Center Iowa Wedding

Hey friends,

I’m Ashley, and I am so excited to welcome you here.

The deeper I wade into the waters of the wedding industry, the more my heart yearns for something more eternal than the perfectly curated images. I have vowed to become a witness, an advocate, a truth-teller. Your wedding day is sacred. Your love story has life before and after my appearance on your wedding day. Your wedding day is not about me or the photos I take. Your wedding is not about the photos.

Think about it: who knows your partner more intimately than you? Who knows the way you smile better than your lover? Who will be by your side when life gets hard? Who is going to hold your hand when it’s time to say those final goodbyes?

As your wedding photographer, I promise to show up, shut up, and shoot. I will watch for moments that actually happen without my intervention. I will faithfully document the events of the day. I will seek out hidden moments you may otherwise never notice.

You will never have to perform for me or my camera. You will never have to pretend to be someone you’re not. You are not another way to get “likes” on Instagram for me. You and your partner, just as you are? You are both so incredibly enough. Your imperfections, your chaos, your humanity. All of it is worthy of being remembered.

I will advocate for you as you take back your wedding day. The industry has pushed for “Insta-fame,” but you don’t need to outshine anyone. Plan your day the way you want. Make space for moments. Create time to spend with your people.

Thanks for being here, friend. I’m so glad you stopped by. If you want to chat, I’m only a few button-clicks or a coffee date away.

All my best,

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You are imperfect,

you are wired for struggle,

but you are worthy of love

and belonging.

- brene brown